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The Friday Stunt: Foto Friday

Haven’t done one of these since I moved the dirty blogging action over here from diepunyhumans. First one I did was back on WEF, waaaay back when, and it was called World Wide Wednesday. It’s when I get sick of you looking at me and decide to look at you. It became part of the occasional Friday Stunts on diepunyhumans, which included guest writers, camphone video days, and other stuff that kept us all sane on slow days.

The internet’s made out of people. Let’s see who’s on it.

It is now Friday morning in the UK. For the next 24 hours, The Friday Stunt is: take a picture of yourself and send it to me. It shall appear here, with all the others. It will be Chaos. It will Vaporise my hosting. We will Laugh and call it Fun.

Send to the special Friday Stunt email address, which is

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