NOT At Wizard World Toronto Comic Con 2010

Apparently Wizard are running ads in their magazines like this one, which a friend found in Toy Fare today:


The strong implication, of course, being that I’m going to be a guest at this convention.

First I’ve fucking heard of it.

I’m presuming this is some kind of impossibly convoluted but innocent mistake, as opposed to "well, if we just SAY Warren Ellis is showing up, then he’ll HAVE to." But I’ve had no contact from Wizard World about this or any other show, so, god knows what actually happened for this to have somehow gotten printed…

Anyway. I’m not attending this show, nor any other Wizard World show, in 2010. In fact, right now, I have no plans to attend any comics convention in 2010.

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  1. Kind of like when Emimen printed a flyer implying that Insane Clown Posse would appear at his release party. And we all know how well that worked out.

  2. Glad I heard it here before I had a chance to get my hopes up. I will never forgive myself for failing to steal the price of admission to Ellis’ last Toronto appearance.

  3. Actually the people who ran the only Toronto Appearance in over a decade of the inestimable Mr Warren Ellis sold their convention to the people behind Wizard World and they may have run the image and name as a way of saying “We had him here before wait until you see who we kidnap er bushwhack er get to show up next!” Just an idea.

  4. I think it’s safe to say that a lot of Cons do this.
    have a big name to pull, then when the time comes, post on the website that “there was a scheduling conflict”.

    Wizard has been doing shady things with their comic conventions lately.
    Sorry they had to involve you, Warren.

  5. Seems kind of hard to write this off as a mistake. “Whoops, we accidentally inserted a single picture of a high-profile creator into our ad – the only person in the whole fucking ad who isn’t an illustrated fictional character – and failed to notice it. We, uh, thought it was an especially good rendering of the Beast.”

  6. YES
    I know the larger yellow box has a printed shadow—-but the photos shadow relates to the light source visible in the upper right? It also is placed in a VERY non graphically pleasing manner overlapping the purple frame unlike any other element- also it appears to be crinkled along the lower edge.

  7. I’ve never heard of Wizard World, but yeah, sounds like a low-blow. I also heard through the grapevine that it was a mock-up ad and that the printer was sent the wrong file, but come on… does the designer have *that* lousy a filing system?!?
    Hope this badly run con doesn’t curb your thoughts on other better-run cons.

  8. Bloody shame. Their website says Jiminez will be there, so that explains the Astonishing X-Men art, but throwing up Ellis’ picture is a pretty embarassing fuck up on their part.

  9. So does that mean your schedule is free for 2010??

    In that case let me be the first to invite you along to BICS 2010 in Birmingham UK next Septmeber.

    If you are interested in attending please email us at:

    We’d love to have you along to the UK’s largest comic show and we’d only announce you if your were 100% confirmed! :-)

    all the best


  10. i am working on a 40 foot drawing of all comic book superheros i am unemployed parapligic. can i roll out the 13 completed feet on the convention floor as an atraction so i migh get a job as an illustrator. please go to my blog to see it currently under construction. its about 3 pages into my site. enjoy my work. thank you for your time. Yours Truely anthony

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