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Station Ident: All Right All Right I’m Awake Fuck Your Eyes

Yes yes god damnit the constant fucking ringing of the doorbell and the constant fucking ringing of the phone means I’m awake after basically no fucking sleep at all this is Warren Ellis Dot Com fuck you all to hell

Oh. Wait. Pupcake wants everyone at her Washington comics store to know that ANNA MERCURY 2 #2 is out today. What with the delays as Avatar switched printers, I’d forgotten that myself. How lovely.


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  1. If that’s the store I think it is, Anna has replaced the drawing of Grendel that’s been up there since…well, since Grendel meant anything.
    (Apologies if Matt Wagner happens to read this. I miss Grendel)

  2. King Zilch — We’re Danger Room Comics in downtown Olympia. Probably not the same store, since last week’s board had Elijah snow drawn as a small, fat child.

  3. Clearly not, then. The place I was thinking of is in the U-District in Seattle.

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