Night Music: Slow Motion

October 14th, 2009 | music

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To an old bloke like me, there’s a certain fond familiarity to the new record by The Medusa Snare, that puts me back in my bedsit in 1988. But, my god, "Slow Motion" is the pure strain. I mean, you can conjure up the influences as easily as I can — Velvets, seen through the fuzzed-out Spector of post-PSYCHOCANDY Jesus And Mary Chain and the autumnal rock romance of The House Of Love, etc etc — but the great shining tones of those opening guitar notes cut through like shafts of sunlight through cloud.

Somewhere, there will always be people making music like this. Because they have to.

"Slow Motion" by The Medusa Snare.

Good night.

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  1. Great stuff as usual.