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The Spider Pill

From Italy, a tiny telefactored robot camera that you swallow. I suspect not everyone will be ready for The Spider Pill:

Experts believe the device, which is swallowed by the patient and controlled by doctors using a wireless connection, could transform the difficult and invasive process of diagnosing serious conditions. The pill, which contains a tiny camera, is also fitted with tiny legs that can be activated remotely once it is inside the colon or intestine.

The legs protrude outwards and are movable in order to make the device ‘crawl’ inside the patient like a spider…




Yeah, possibly the uptake on this one might be a little slower than expected. Wonderful idea, though, and ripe for fucking-with in fiction. THE SPIDER PILL itself sounds like a title.

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  1. drax drax

    Damn, Ellis! It’s nice to have you back full throttle and all, but how are we to get anything done with all these goddamn awesome posts?! Jesus.

  2. Honest, I’d rather have my lower ductwork explored by a spider than one of those fiber optic doohickies.

  3. JoAsakura JoAsakura

    you know- if I was threatened by someone saying they would shove a spider pill down my gullet? I would spill every secret I ever knew, ever.

    especially if it had pincers.

  4. Steve Steve

    Having had a gastroscopy before I would vote for not being orally raped over and over by a machine, and instead for swallowing one of these any day. You know it’s going to be bad when you’re asked “Do you have any bridges or crowns?” “No, why?” “Well people sometimes bite down on the restraint hard enough that they break off”.

  5. Yes, gastroscopy, awful! I’ve had an epic encounter with a spider in childhood, which taught us all that I’m very allergic to it’s species venom but still, the pills. Definitely the pills.

  6. Jim Jim

    Now how can we turn this into the next hot thing in gay SM? Okay, that’s easy. The real question is how to turn it into effective gay SM porn!

  7. I just dont get it, how I learn my ass to swallow that thing ?! Or I first break the pill and let the spider get inside by itself ?! I hope they deliver instructions for that pill…

  8. In a quickly-dissolving capsule, I’m sure. If the thing has a short lifespan, why not? Aside for reminding me of a certain Thomas Ligotti story, that is.

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