Today On Whitechapel: Oct 2009 Reboot

Today at my internet yurt:

* REMAKE/REMODEL: Dynamite Thor – every week, I call out some ancient old comics character, and anyone can post a 21st Century redesign of that character. (Come and play.) Today, I found an incredible one from 1940: "Peter Thor becomes Dynamite Thor, an adventurer who wears a costume that allows him to propel himself through the air by blowing up sticks of dynamite located in his belt." Really.

* Tell Ellis Of Your New Comics (30sep09) – wherein the comics addicts talk about the comics they bought today and yesterday, priming those normal people who wander into a comic store at the weekend or next week.

* Warren’s Ancient Jukebox – is actually getting very funny.

* Eliza Gauger’s SWEATSHOP

* MagCloud – I want more people to do magazines at MagCloud so I can buy them and be amused. You all live to amuse me. Obey.

* The Self-Portrait Imagethread (Oct 2009) – make me look at your face.

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