2 thoughts on “8tracks: Bang Whimper”

  1. Is there a way to get the exact tracklist ?

    I accidentally refreshed the page and the 8track player didn’t allow me to skip enough tracks to go back to where I was. And some of what I heard so far could very well go into my ‘to buy’ list…

  2. Very good. Working through your other playlists tonight.

    Oscillateur, it is:
    one million years ago – Broadcast And The Focus Group
    Olympians – Fuck Buttons
    The Moon Ladder – Skultroll
    Bruise N Chain – Marc Almond
    4 (Version 14) – Leyland Kirby
    World Cup 82 – Iibiis Rouge
    Goodbye For The Second Time – Wereju
    Don’t Fuck With The Tropics – High Wolf

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