Unaired PlayStation Ad

September 22nd, 2009 | music, researchmaterial

I wonder why I never saw this before. Just turned it up on the end of a chain of search links. An unaired ad for Playstation. Apparently it was very expensive. Pulled for fairly obvious reasons. The music is an Alphaville song, "Forever Young," remixed by V/Vm. Interesting. Must find out more about it sometime.

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  1. http://yeahthatcommercial.com/video.php?id=757



    I think that’ll cover you for raw info.

  2. Sony has a whole vault of unaired and banned commercials when it comes to Playstation systems. I dont know what it is about the system, but they really go bonkers with their advertising when it comes to consoles.

  3. And if Tim Buckley had his way, this is how ALL video game adverts would be. Plus, there wouldn’t be any other type of ad.

  4. Anyone else reminded of Mamoru Oshii’s Avalon?

  5. Just went wandering through the various Sony commercial sets and the French are by far the … craziest, no surprise there I guess.


  6. Odd, the logo is from the PS1, but the links imply it was a PS2 ad.

  7. Most of the Sony Playstation ads are puzzling and off-kilter… I’m often left repulsed, wondering “What the hell are they thinking? How does this make anyone *want* a Playstation experience?” I recall some PSP print ads that skirted pedophilia… what the-

  8. Such a horrific version of Forever Young, I thought my speakers had died.

  9. dunno.. this remix was kinda fitting for the video in my ears

  10. In the pantheon of not utterly stupid gaming advertising, Playstation’s Double Life is pretty damn good relative to what else is out there.


  11. I love V/VM, and Kirby’s more recent offerings as The Caretaker, The Stranger and HAFTW. Good to see it used in an ad, and good to see it work so well.

  12. That is excellent. We need more like that.

  13. Spooky video. I found it quite chilling.
    There’s a higher quality version here: