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A thousand words sketching connections between two dozen people, and half a dozen different terms for "comic," and probably only this bit makes sense:

(1976 soundtrack: “Anarchy In The UK”; “The Boys Are Back In Town”; “Oxygene”: Bowie’s STATION TO STATION. Joy Division have formed. Black Flag have formed. Throbbing Gristle have formed. Brian Eno’s all over the place, recording, producing, collaborating. Eno on his art education in Ipswich, sixty miles northeast of me: “Everybody thought they could do anything.” Things are in the saddle.)

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  1. bloo bloo

    Offtopic, but I couldn’t find a better place.

    Last night in Dallas, TX, lightning flashing outside, the weather warning crawl read:

    “Storm Watch Ellis”

    Sure, one could say that’s just part of a list of counties under a storm watch, but I think it was a secret message.

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