Night Music: Ken Ishii

September 22nd, 2009 | music

10 Responses to “Night Music: Ken Ishii”

  1. The cd this is from was stolen when my car got hit. Boo. Never seen the music video before, pretty good eyeball kicks.

  2. As usual, you’re onto some seriously good stuff. Also, be sure to check Tyondai Braxton’s new album, Central Market. He’s Battle’s vocalist and the son of avant garde composer Anthony Braxton. I’ve listened to a couple of tracks and it sounds great.

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  4. Am well aware of both Braxtons, as longtime readers will know. (Hell, I’ve got the split CD Tyondai did with Parts & Labor way back when.)

  5. Been in love with Jelly Tones since college… memories…
    Never saw any video either, so big thanks for posting.

  6. This was an absolute mainstay of my sets in the late 90’s, one that I loved to play this video to in the club. I always forget this un-edited version exists, it got chopped up for MTV back in the day.

  7. […] [via & via] […]

  8. Be sure to check out the (terrifying) yooouuutuuube version of that video:

  9. Love this CD! Hadn’t seen the vid in ages. Ishii’s later stuff is pretty good too.

  10. Ken Ishii famously contributed to the Rez videogame/experience. Great sound, visuals, and an optional trance vibrator.