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September 22nd, 2009 | researchmaterial

I would like to spend more money buying magazines at MagCloud, but, even with previews, I often feel like I’m buying blind. If you’re publishing a magazine at MagCloud (like my friend Kat Foisy and her CONSTELLATION), maybe you could mention it in the comments?

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  1. Apex Digest is using MagCloud ~ he posted about his experience here:

    (he’s @apexjason on twitter)

    I bought a copy–it’s pretty, but it’s definitely pricey for what you get. Still, if you’re wanting to spend more money at MagCloud, I recommend it. :) Good content.

  2. Oh, tell me my response didn’t get swallowed…

  3. We use Magcloud to provide print versions of Apex Magazine to the paper-holics.

    My brief thoughts:
    Way easy to use.
    High quality printing. I’d be hard pressed to tell the difference in print quality between the POD and a regular full color magazine.
    They don’t charge you an arm and leg for shipping.

    The paper quality could be better.
    Price is a bit steep. 32 pages costs 6.40 to print (that includes cover and back).
    Turnaround times are on the slow side for my POD experiences.

    Overall, I’ve been pleased.

    Hope this helps.

  4. I’m publishing Potboiler at MagCloud:

    The first issue (I just put it up about a week and a half ago) is:

    – 38 pages (not counting covers)
    – Has 3 new comic shorts
    – A shit ton of illustrations from the past year (including some Remake/Remodel work)
    – and some End Notes on the contents.

    I’m probably going to put it out twice a year if I have the body of work to do it.

  5. Hey Warren. I happen to be MagCloud’s “Chief of Awesome” as well as the publisher of a storytelling magazine there. If you have any suggestions for ways we can make the browsing process on MagCloud better, I’d love to hear them. Feel free to email me directly.

  6. Hi Warren,

    Not a MagCloud magazine, but I’m sending you (via your New York agent) a copy of the magazine I publish along with a hand-inked postcard by my illustrator ladyfriend. The magazine is called New Escapologist ( and I sincerely hope you enjoy!


  7. I have to say, I just can’t get past the price-per-page issue. If and when that comes down, I might consider using it for my own zine, Kaleidotrope. POD is definitely a big part of the publishing future, I think.