Hard Times Of Old England

September 21st, 2009 | music

I saw The Imagined Village do this on Saturday night. Here’s a take of them doing it in ’08. And that is indeed Billy Bragg, who showed up on Saturday night wearing a Pearly suit — or, as he put it, his ancestral garb. We have similar backgrounds. I kind of want one.

It’s an old song, retooled and made contemporary. Which is, after all, the folk tradition. These are living songs.

8 Responses to “Hard Times Of Old England”

  1. Bragg is a national treasure. And he gave you Essex lot your best song with Trunk Road to the Sea…

  2. Is that Monty Panesar on percussion?

  3. Billy Bragg is playing fucking air guitar. Acoustic air guitar, at that! Because I didn’t love him enough already.

  4. … And Billy Bragg is playing fucking acoustic air guitar. Because I needed a reason to love his contrary ass MORE.

  5. Don’t Try This at Home.

  6. pertinent contemporary version of grand old song

  7. […] via Warren Ellis […]

  8. Thanks for this one.