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Troy Kennedy Martin

Totally missed this: the writer Troy Kennedy Martin died yesterday. Today, he’s probably best remembered by most as writer of THE ITALIAN JOB and KELLY’S HEROES. To me, he’ll always be the man who wrote EDGE OF DARKNESS.

He was one of the great writers of British television, an innovator as well as an author of great skill. I imagine he was well forgotten long ago by those currently working in British television.

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  1. Et in Arcadia Ego Et in Arcadia Ego

    Thank you thank you thank you
    I saw this when I was a kid in Greece and always wanted to find it but I had no clue what was the name of the damned series (I thought Brian Blessed or Brian Dennehy was in it ) . I always knew that for once something good would come from Mr. Ellis !!!!
    No seriously you were my hero , now a superhero !!!

  2. Et in Arcadia Ego Et in Arcadia Ego

    TheBox has it . RIP Mr. Martin . We should count the torrents after someone dies.
    Thats how we honor the dead .

  3. Don Hilliard Don Hilliard

    At least a few of the current lot seem to remember him fondly. One episode of the first series of ASHES TO ASHES is a very well-done riff/homage of EDGE, with a murder leading to nuclear-weapons intrigue. The murder victim’s name is Martin Kennedy.

    One of the obituaries (Guardian, I think) notes the sad fact that the way television is made now simply doesn’t make room for writers like Kennedy Martin; he had the freedom to rewrite and refine EDGE and other shows right up into the shooting schedule (as did many of TV’s other best writers), but that mostly went away by the early ’90s.

  4. geoff davies geoff davies

    Someone obviously remembers him, Martin Campbell is in production on a film based on edge of darkness with the great Ray Winston, and some colonial upstart named gibson.
    Troy Kennedy Martin gets an original story by (tv series by) credit according to the always accurate IMDB.

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