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Checking The Traps

Bruce Sterling:

A couple years ago, I surmised that blogging would go away. Right now, blogging exists for two reasons: there’s a cluster of people in a visibly dwindling social group called a “blogosphere,” who self-identify as bloggers, and there are “weblog platforms” that are specifically created for “weblogging” activities. If those two things – the group and the platforms – transmute themselves into other groups, other platforms – (let’s say, “social media,” on streaming, clouding, social sites, whatever) – then, yes, blogging is doomed, it’s over, in the same sense that Bulletin Board Systems are over. And, at about the same historical rate of advance and decline…

I dunno where Religion News Blog is finding these weird obscure news services, but they’re turning up some fascinating ledes (true or not — I use the tag "researchmaterial," not "news," after all):

An art exhibit depicting various female Palestinian suicide bombers as the Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus, which opened at the Sokolov House press center in Tel Aviv on Thursday, was quickly taken down following an outcry…

The excellent cover to Gillen & McKelvie’s next PHONOGRAM collected edition:


Any day with a new Brandon Graham post is a good day. It’s like getting a diary, a sketchbook and a commonplace book/workbook at the same time.

Jan Chipchase is starting to discuss/anticipate a lot of things I’m been working with and towards on DOKTOR SLEEPLESS. If you’re up to date with the series, this right here will give you a little shiver like it did me:

Ah – nobody’s going to stick an advertising driven augmented reality lens in their eye, right? How about for ’free’ healthcare monitoring?

Oh shit.

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  1. Scott Scott

    Oi! McKelvie!

    Fingers off the grooves! Hold it by the edge and label!

  2. I can confirm the Sokolov House art exhibition story is pretty much true-to-fact.

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