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Whitechapel Sept 1 Reboot

It’s the monthly reboot for my online community, but it’s going slow because 1) I’m busy and 2) it shares a server with Bleeding Cool, which has been getting hammered over the last 24 hours following the Disney/Marvel thing. So it’s a little slow today. Please persevere. Threads already up and running include:

* New London comics initiative: We Are Words And Pictures

* The Self-Portrait Imagethread (Sep 09) – Always popular, always weird.

* FREAKANGELS Episode 0066 – still talking about the last episode.

* The Weekly Listening Thread (1sept09)

* REMAKE/REMODEL: The Flamingo – comics artists Afua Richardson and Paul J Holden have already come out to play.

* Concept Albums – mildly scary

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