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  1. Alex Alex

    Wow. Very, very stoked for this!

  2. Meanderthal Meanderthal

    One last issue. The thought breaks my heart and mends it all at the same time. Looks wonderful!

  3. Owen Owen

    Thank you kindly Mr Ellis, I is excited.

  4. Anonymous Anonymous

    John Cassaday is one of two artists whose work, to me, is pure sweet heroin. The other is Frank Quitely. I want to be buried in a coffin lined with his work.

  5. Absolutely beautiful. There’s so many ideas in those four pages that I had to reread them a few times each.

  6. Said it before, am saying it again: Just about my favorite mini-series ever: A ripping yarn that is written for comics and really works best as comics. Can do a movie, can do a novel: maybe good, not better. A $%#@ing awesome job. Looovvve it.

  7. MeestorShades MeestorShades

    Oh great, now I have to go and change my pants. Again.


  9. Beautiful! And I always love how that sort of time travel thinking twists my brain!

  10. joseph leroux joseph leroux

    Big Sweaty English Man is good to Creepy Fan Boy.Creepy Fan Boy happy.

  11. Anonymous Anonymous

    Creepy Fan Boy never happy. Is improblability.

  12. Started re-reading it over the long weekend. First five issues, done. Issue 6 will require a day all by itself. Ohoyes.

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