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  1. Quint Quint

    It’s too bad really… a dystopian Ellis treatment of Uncle Scrooge might be fun

  2. Sean Fischer Sean Fischer

    That’s a shame, I was looking forward to a Duck Tales/Nextwave crossover.

  3. C’mon, I am sure you can do a bang-up job on a Toy Story/G.I. Joe crossover.

  4. 13 13


  5. Well, that’s a horrible disappointment. C’mon- Disney’s got plenty of forgotten properties that could be resurrected much like you’ve done for Marvel. DO IT. DO IT.

  6. karmadrome karmadrome

    Devil Dinosaur bukkake.

    That is all.

  7. I was also hoping for some Uncle Warren Scrooge McEllis. I mean, he’s quite possibly the single most obsessive capitalist in fiction.

  8. Frank Frank

    And here I was hoping for a setup where Minnie Mouse would step out of the shadow of her more famous male counterpart to reveal herself as a fully competent, in control half cyborg dominatrix who chain smokes and rules the men around her with an iron fist and Union Jack knickers…

  9. Micah S. Micah S.

    The more pertinent is will you still be writing Marvel comics?

  10. Nojh Nojh

    Aww. No Gizmo Duck/Iron Man team up written by Warren Ellis?

  11. Clearly, WE’s already done his dystopian Uncle Scrooge treatment: Elijah Snow.

  12. The last thing I’d expect from you is to write fairly-fucking-obvious Disney comics…!

  13. Steve Steve

    But all Marvel comics are now owned by Disney. So aren’t you already writing Disney comics?

    Can we call you Mouseketeer Ellis?

  14. Is Storm a Disney Princess now?

  15. Brian Brian

    Minnie Mouse having an orgasm. Damn skippy you’re the only one who can write that.



  16. Just out of interest, under what creative conditions *would* you be prepared to write an arc for a Disney character, and which one(s) would you go for?

  17. Kalle Kalle

    Seriously, I’d love to see you do a take on a Disney character, though Disney might not be as thrilled with where you’d take it.

  18. josephrowens josephrowens

    I only hope this leads to singing and dancing arse eels in future Disney animated features…….

  19. Classtoise Classtoise

    Aww, no Ellis writing Darkwing Duck?

  20. Matherdon Matherdon

    This could be good! I imagine a three-page spread of Spider Jerusalem sodomizing Mickey Mouse with a biovibrogenetic “Jesus loves ya!(tm)” strap-on.

  21. Rey Rey

    Of course you wouldn’t — they’d be “by” Walt, much like Carl Barks’ stuff.

    @Brian. Minnie Mouse having an orgasm you can see in those
    Tijuana Bibles collections, or on various hentai toon galleries online.

  22. Craig Craig

    So what? While this might actually have some impact on the life of Warren, will it really fucking matter to anyone not directly employed by either company?

  23. Denium Denium

    “wow now im going to have to buy dc comics”…man even typing that line made my soul hurt.

  24. street'n'smith street'n'smith

    mulan? jack sparrow? :(

  25. Owen Owen

    It might just, if Disney decide to not continue with Diamond then that potentially puts the system in the shitter and while it’s wank to begin with, we could still end up having something wank-er that would fuck up the whole comics distribution network. Just saying.

  26. wyrmsine wyrmsine

    From what I understand, the comics distribution network was fuXX0red in the mid-nineties, leading to a great deal of the mess we have today. While they’re hardly the ideal overminds, at the very least Disney knows how to sell ‘toons to kids. It’s possible the idea of “new reader” won’t be the running joke it currently is among superhero comics.

  27. Brian Brian

    I think people are being a bit too alarmist about this. Disney acquired Marvel because Marvel is making large amounts of money. As long as Marvel continues to make large amounts of money, Disney is not likely to mess with the way they do business.

  28. jn jn


  29. the nice thing about marvel under disney is marvel doesnt have to rely on comics to provide them profit. So now they don’t HAVE to do variant cover gimmicks and cross overs to sell books such as in the 90’s, hopefully they realize that and a new trend can begin.

  30. Timothy Timothy


  31. MeestorShades MeestorShades

    So we shouldn’t expect to see any exploration of the homo-erotic byplay between Mickey and Pluto?

    For shame…

  32. scott scott

    “No, I am not going to be writing Disney comics.”

    That’s what they all say at first. Give it a year.

  33. Alex Alex

    Warren doubtless remembers the story of Harlan Ellison going to work for Disney.

  34. Barkode Barkode

    Marvel are raking it in pimping out existing characters like Iron Man and Spidey etc. The revenue stream from comics is pretty paltry in comparison. They don’t give a fuck what Warren or anyone is doing fiddling with the characters in the dark corners of the Marvel empire so long as Disney gets to be the ones ejaculating them onto the big screen. It’s all about the money shot.

  35. bonhome bonhome

    I was hoping you’d be making Donald Duck in some of those Spider Man movies, and plus, who are you to yel at the public. Inconsistent jerky come backs is all; celebrities think they are the boss. When they clearly just get money, it’s all a joje, funded on lies, and the supreme court doesn’t know Walt Disney till he saw Spyder man vs the raving rombos.

  36. MrP MrP

    But you could be the next Don Rosa!

  37. There was a time you wouldn’t have written Speedball or the New Universe… 8-)

  38. kaf kaf

    Bonhome’s right you know. It is a joje.

  39. Actually the eude with the Toy Story/GI Joe idea is onto something….that works on the action figure level…

  40. If writers like Warren are refusing to write… all the great stories we’ve been reading over the last few years will be slowly watered down with cross-marketed, tween-oriented mush. Take the good writing out of Marvel, and all what you have are hollow brands. Can you imagine Disney advocating something like Dark Avengers? More like Hanna Montana’s Avengers…. awww gawwwdd!

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  42. bonhome bonhome


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