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REMAKE/REMODEL Back At My Message Board

Copying/pasting my own mailing-list email due to sheer laziness:

bad signal

For the artists in the audience, I’ve brought back the
weeklyish REMAKE/REMODEL thread at Whitechapel.
This week’s one should be kind of funny. All are welcome
to play.

Everyone else… give it a couple of days and check
the thread to see who’s doing what…

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  1. Hello Warren Ellis,

    I realize this is entirely the wrong place to post this, but I couldn’t find an email address or contact for you on the site. Since your first posting of our bitFUUL magazine several months back, we have received a handful of traffic from you, leading to some artist submissions. Altogether, we had 20 artists/photographers from over 17 countries submit to bitFUUL issue #02, as well as an exclusive soundtrack from producer Incise.

    We are proud to be releasing it today, and would love it if you could do another post/article.


    Thanks so much, and keep up the awesome site!!


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