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Build The Bone Pile Climb It To Hellven

Someone posted this on Whitechapel earlier. I have no idea where it’s from, other than that it’s obviously supposed to be a capture from a Facebook page. Whoever "Shawna Van Ness" is, she/he is a genius.


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  1. from the above page:

    “I am recently recovering from identity theft. My profile was hacked and changed by a malicious anti-Christian hacker who found me here through my (now defunct) facebook page, which he/she used to send profane and malicious messages to my friends as if they were from me.

    The police are involved, but it is unlikely the perpetrator will be apprehended. If this happens to you, please print off the malicious content before deleting your page/information. The Sheriff’s dept/police will ask for it.”

  2. 13 13

    her Facebook account is gone, yet an old version is still cached @Google. however the amount of details visible isn’t much.

    hmm. Tasty :D

  3. I think the line used in your title is my new favorite thing.

  4. Jess Jess

    It’s from, Warren.

  5. KBKarma KBKarma

    All the Facebook grabs that have been floating around for the past two weeks were channers hacking Christian fundamentalists on Facebook and other places. More words here.

  6. Ian Ian

    Agreed with Todd, you see this kind of thing on 4chan hourly now.

  7. bettyboop bettyboop

    That is the most brilliant thing ever. The thing that slays me about her website “Edgy Christian” sounds like miss thing is already in satan’s sweet grasp!

  8. Blaarrgghh Blaarrgghh

    4chan (/b/) Hacked a christian dating site about 2 months back and has been dropping “Facebook bombs” since then. Sure has been making for interesting screen caps.

  9. Lonia Novara Lonia Novara

    That is so funny!

  10. Ed Ed

    That is so wrong and it made my day.

  11. I am genuinely very thankful for you for bringing this to my attention, warren. It’s both great and cruel in fantastically generous, yet equal measures.

  12. Lydia Lydia

    HAHAHAHA! Soooooo funny! Thank you thank you thank you.

  13. I’m going to be a bit of a curmudgeonly killjoy and say I feel kind of bad for this woman. This actually has been bugging me all day. I think it was the bit about her kids. Obviously, close friends and family didn’t really think she and her husband ritually murdered their children while high on PCP (and those that did were able to learn otherwise pretty quickly), but I’m sure there were people who maybe only knew her on Facebook who were pretty freaked out by it. Again, I realize she got the word out quickly that this wasn’t her, but still.

    I don’t know. Maybe I’m getting old, or I’m just tired, or this was one more thing at the end of a crappy week, but this really bothered me. I clearly don’t get the whole 4chan hacker culture, because I don’t see the appeal in waking up one morning and deciding to just shit all over a total stranger. I know, I know. “Welcome to the Internet, Chris. Did you just get here?” All I could think of was how horrified I would have been if it was me, and someone had hacked my FB account and put up a post about how I’d just tortured my daughter to death. And then having to deal with the logistical pain in the ass of the whole thing…

    I’m not explaining myself well. It’s just… I know I should find this funny, but instead it makes me really sad.

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