26 thoughts on “I Must Destroy These People”

  1. “Good morning, goatfelchers of the internet. I WILL FUCKING CUT YOU”

    I don’t think it’s a random generator at all. I think it’s Warren Ellis himself, inventing new ways of spreading his unique vision to us all.

  2. I’m wondering if someone from the Bendis Board had a hand in this, what with our yearly “Talk Like Frank Miller Wrote It” day.

    Also, this is epic, and has allowed me to taunt my employees with all shiny, all new salutations every ten minutes. “Good evening, you post-singularity exploding orgasm fruitbats of the intertube.” Might be the greatest thing ever.

  3. “Good morning, walking slabs of haunted pork.”
    There’s something eerily astute about this programs appraisal of the phenomenon of consciousness. Warren, your digi-dopple has become sentient and is already mocking our designerless, chaos born meat-suits.
    I have to say, if there’s a machine out there most-likely to turn against us, chances are good it would be one designed to imitate the mannerisms of Warren Ellis.
    After all, who could possibly hate their creator more than a being designed in your image?

  4. “Good afternoon, vectors of contagion. I’m off to the pub.” Sounds like a splendid idea I must say. Although I’m kinda busy hitting “reload” on a website for the moment… I’ll go tomorrow instead!

  5. I got

    ATTENTION SCUM: Damn you all. (waves cane menacingly) (coughs consumptively)

    Followed by Good evening, you spectral porn chimpanzees of the intertube. Which I think I need to make into a shirt

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