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  1. Rule 34 Rule 34

    Philippe Druillet finally removed his rainbow patterned boxers and let them drop to floor. On the large double bed lay Kirby, his large pink form spreadeagled and inviting, and as Philippe stood there, looking down on the sexy pink bloboid. And with an enticing look towards Philippe, Kirby began to touch himself, rub himself with his stumpy little arms. And as his arms moved faster and faster until, with odd little boop-boop noises escaping from the huge mouth at the center of the blobby form, Kirby came hard; his legs thrashed wildly as he rode the climax.

    Inflamed with lust by this display Philippe could no longer control himself, and with a animalistic lunge he lept upon the soft yeilding pink flesh of kirby, which accepted him, and most importantly cradled and cupped and enclosed Philippe’s rutting virile meat-gun. Then, with an almost werewolf-like growl, Druillet began sawing himself into and out of the bloboid, the bald headed man’s cock making a sound like the tardis did when it’s jutting central column began to move back and forth inside its casing.

    Ages seemed to pass, with only the amount of sweat and other bodily fluids sinking into the matress acting as any kind of measure of time passing, until finally Druillet came a final time and rolled off of Kirby and reached for a cigarette.

    As Druillet lit one for himself, he offered another to Kirby, who took it, inserted it into his mouth, and began to inhale. But in the warm afterglow Kirby forgot himself, and before he could stop he had inhaled the cigarette, Philippe and most of the hotel room fixings.

    And Philippe Druillet was never seen from again.

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