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Garth Ennis’ “When 2000AD Was The Future”

Garth’s birthday wishes to the venerable British comics institution that made us what we are, at Bleeding Cool:

Thank you for two Tyrannosaurs fighting to the death on the rim of a volcano; Bofors gunners shooting it out with UFOs; Old One Eye’s last and greatest kill; the only Bear on the CIA death list; “Quack-quack, Volg!”; the truly unstoppable Artie Gruber; Dan Dare at the battle of Jupiter; Conclusion: MACH One terminated. Now closing down transmission; the Space Fort’s final battle with the Starslayer Empire; I came into the apartment blasting. I’ve been at this game for forty years and there’s one thing I’ve learned- never give a robot an even break…

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  1. Rob Rob

    Ah yes but I still hold to my poorly thought out theory, which relies on little more than dim memories, that it was only after the merger with Starlord that 2000AD got into it’s stride with a shift to that former title’s darker themes.

  2. Juan Carlos Romero Juan Carlos Romero

    Fuck me running if that column wasn’t amazing.

  3. Good one, and weird: in a moment of darkness and total doubt at 4am today, I turned to Preacher’s ALL IN THE FAMILY storyline to get me through. Thank you, gentlemen.

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