14 thoughts on “Nate Simpson”

  1. That is absolutely stunning. The detail is amazing in black and white but the colored samples just blew me away. What is this from? I NEED to find it…

  2. I can draw. I got a B in my GCSE Art (the true test of an artist, by the way) for a final display that I produced over a long weekend instead of two years (what? I was flirting unsuccessfully with a girl in the class for two years). So, yes, were a person ask me to draw an elephant or a bicycle or a robot then I could draw any one of those things and more. And then I look at this and I’m not sure whether I’m crying with joy or despair at it’s sheer intricacy and control and rendering and magnificence. I want to buy it though. And make violent sex to it.

  3. Wow. I am awed, and not just a little depressed. I am also working on a comic set in thick woods, but after seeing this, a part of me is asking
    :’ Whats the point ? ‘
    I will be following young Simpson’s career with great interest.

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