God Trumps

So my daughter has insisted I buy a subscription to NEW HUMANIST magazine. I bought a copy while shopping at Housmans in London the other week. The July/August issue came with a free gift: half a pack of "God Trumps." And now she must have the other half of the pack, appearing with the next issue. And grudgingly admits that she really liked some of the articles too, and if I could buy a subscription and then just let her have the magazines when they arrive…

Anyway, I’m amused to note that NH has put the God Trumps on their site. Go and have a look.


4 thoughts on “God Trumps”

  1. We did something similar in high school.

    I hate how NH chickened out when confronted with Islam though, that sort of thing doesn’t help anybody. Voltaire sent quite a few “f**k you” to the murderous Christians of his age, I don’t see why contemporary murderous Muslims should get a pass.

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