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The Jura Malt Whisky Writer Retreat

God, what a lovely idea.

Scottish Book Trust and Isle of Jura Single Malt Whisky are working together to offer writers the opportunity to spend a month living and writing on the idyllic island of Jura. Each selected writer receives a month’s exclusive use of the luxurious distillery lodge, a bursary and travel expenses.

Is there perhaps some kind of pipe that runs from the distillery into the lodge that dispenses the fine falling-down water that they make there? And if not, DON’T YOU THINK THERE SHOULD BE?

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  1. Getting so thoroughly fucked on whisky that I start yelling at invisible things on an island = always a secret dream of mine.

  2. Arsnof Arsnof

    Isn’t that how Veidt got all the creative people in Watchmen?

  3. gregg v. gregg v.

    So is there an internet voting process which you need for us to game for you, Warren? Or do we need to go about this the old fashioned way, what with the bats and the kneecaps and the combination thereof?

  4. /d /d

    ‘Raw Spirit’ comes to mind.

    One full month on cask strength Jura…wow. What will I have to do to become a scottish writer then?

  5. Gregg – Warren Ellis was actually on one of the shortlists for this last year when talks were ongoing about who to invite and how to carry out the process of finding writers to go (I was part of the PR team for Jura whisky last year and early this year) and put forward. I’m NDA’d from saying any more in public about it – or who is actually on the list- but comic book writers got a good showing when names were being considered for it.

    This is the third or fourth year it’s taken place – Will Self went up a few years ago and an anthology book of writing came out at the end of last year. Whyte and Mackay have put a considerable amount of cash with Jura into backing writers and literature.

  6. /d – you don’t have to be a Scottish writer, just a writer.

  7. Luke Luke

    I’ve always found Jura [whisk(e)y] disappointing.

    Bunnahabhain or Caol Isla across the sound on Islay however…

    Much tastier! (and desolate, in the best way)


  8. Lizzie Lizzie

    Nice, Warren. So what lucky sod gets to stay on the island this year? Can’t see any names out there so maybe you can still get in there and partake of the falling down water.Not that you need it.


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