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  1. Devon Devon

    This is the best news Ive gotten in awhile:)

  2. pinoles pinoles

    ah hooray, thank you!

  3. Jonathn H Jonathn H

    Nice. I just cracked open the first TPB today. I will try to get caught up by Wednesday.

  4. (when) will you be resuming Doktor Sleepless?
    it’s the best thing you’ve done since…well…Fell…
    (and speaking of which…when is that coming out again?)
    i read all yer stuff, Warren. but seriously. these two rank up there with Transmet & Planetary (& yer novel)
    and, in fact, assigned both yer Fell & Doktor Sleepless trades to my History Of Comics course at CalArts this spring.
    (for syllabus, please go here: )
    cheers mate,

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