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How The Hell Is Friday Almost Over Already, And How Did It Get To Be Friday Anyway?

It’s funny. When I’m scripting, it’s rarely a problem to update this site with bits and pieces several times a day. When I need to do the work of thinking, which is a significantly different enterprise to writing… I never seem to get much done here. Thinking requires staring at the wall for hours, clicking through research, fiddling with the playlist, scribbling in notebooks (this year I made a conscious effort to start using paper and pencils again), staring at the wall some more…

And now it’s a hair before midnight, Friday’s over in less than ten minutes, and the day’s been lost to people bugging me, a development project moving to pilot phase, and just sitting here thinking.

So, yeah, that’s why there’s been nothing here today. Oops.

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  1. Pen & Paper?! What if that shit catches fire? Youse need a PDA pronto.

  2. Is cool. There was Freakangels.

  3. Juan Carlos Romero Juan Carlos Romero

    I know the feeling, Mr. Ellis.

  4. Andy Andy

    @dan mcenroe-
    I can second that.. there was Freakangels, and all was well with the world (at least this week)

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