9 thoughts on “A Woman You Don’t Meet Every Day”

  1. Im losing it over here, when I saw Ben Templesmith’s tweet I wondered what it was about, then I click the link and the freak out begins. This has me more excited than I have been in a long time, fuck meeting any of those Hollywood celebrities. My fascination with Warren Ellis’s writing and Ben Templesmith’s art is now with me forever!

  2. You know, one day, someone with a Transmet or Snowtown tat is going to get arrested, and camcorded, and one of these is going to end up on Fox, and they’ll brand you leader of a cult or something.

    You should get a public statement ready; something involving Royal lizards and eel enemas.

  3. Well, thanks a lot – now that I’ve googled Snowtown, learned about Fell, bought the TPB, read it and fallen head over heels in love with it, I am utterly destroyed by the apparent lack of progress regarding new issues. LOOK WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!

    Also: great work, dude! :-)

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