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Brief Notes 10aug09


* I just read through the PDF of the PLANETARY #27 Sneak Peek section that’s going to be running in September’s DC Wildstorm comics, prior to the book itself being released in October. It’s a chunk of serious Mad Science from the early part of the issue. As much as it’s nice to see John drawing them all one last time, it’s doubly glorious to see Laura Martin working on pages of mine again.

* I see young Ellerby has all his minicomics in stock again.

* The Ovi Store is bloody terrible. Just wanted to note that somewhere. Terrible. I mean, makes me think about getting an iPhone 3GS so I can use the App Store terrible.

* Also, I’ve played you this before, but I just found a copy on YouTube, so what the fuck, maybe you missed it last time:

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  1. I picked up that Bowie/Brecht album when I was 14 or so, and still have it. Thought it surely must be the only one in existence as I’ve never seen it or heard of it anywhere since. Now I know there are at least two copies of this non-space oddity in existence…

  2. If interested, and if not yet known, check out The Young Gods Play Kurt Weill.

  3. jgodsey jgodsey

    good god! the EP takes me back. I also bought it in high school but I haven’t thought of that album since i sent my turntable to the salvation army. thanks for the memory.

  4. I found Bowie’s Baal by accident when hunting on the ‘net for the Japanese industrial band of the same name. Best.discovery.every. Bowie uber alles!

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