SUPERGOD: October 2009

In five issues, for Avatar Press. I think of it as the third leg of a superhero-fiction trilogy, following BLACK SUMMER and NO HERO. This one is much more of a science-fiction piece.

…in the world of SUPERGOD, superhumans are the ultimate expression of the Messiah complex, and scientists can build Messiahs who will fly down from the skies to save the world. No-one thought about how they’d save the world — or even if they’d want to. So begins the apocalyptic tomorrow of SUPERGOD — the story of how supermen killed us all and ended the world just because we wanted to be rescued by human-shaped things from beyond Science itself. Take every superhero comic ever published, shove them into a nuclear-powered blender, soak it in bad vodka and set the whole thing alight — and SUPERGOD will crawl out and eat your brain.

SUPERGOD: praying to be saved by a man who can fly will get you killed.

Avatar love their variant covers, god help them (because people buy the bloody things.) So in addition to the standard cover for #1, seen below, there will also be the wraparound GODVISION variant cover and the extremely pure and pious CHURCH OF SUPERGOD variant cover.

SUPERGOD is a nice funny story about everyone dying. It will make you feel warm as if the last sunset on earth were in your tummy.


(above scene does not appear in comic)

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  1. I like this notion of a three-legged superhero fiction arc. If Avatar should ever release them all in a bundled format, this should be the theme of one of the covers.

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