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Station Ident: Go Away My Eyes Hurt

Because Wil Wheaton made me look at this first thing in the morning. He will pay.


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  1. Stig Stig


  2. Joel Joel

    Can’t sleep clown jumpers will kill me.

  3. Joel Joel

    Can’t sleep, clown jumpers will kill me.

  4. Skiriki Skiriki

    I laughed so hard that now it hurts somewhere.

    Probably in some kind of strange, red blobby and honking clown organ that spontaneously formed inside of me.

  5. tammy tammy

    Goddammit, Ellis.

    So must we all, I guess. Thanks, Wil.

  6. tammy tammy

    Goddammit, Ellis.

    So must we all, it would seem. Thanks, Wil.

  7. Oh, oh! It’s the next internet mini-series by Joss Whedon!

    Warren Games, in which Pop Culture Prodigy Wil Wheaton craftily takes on Internet Jesus Warren Ellis in a battle of whit and deviltry the likes of which the world has not seen since Sleuth. And, of course, it’s a musical.

  8. That’s kinda brilliant. The next logical step would be to photoshop the Cosby Kids in to TNG uniforms…

  9. eris esoteric eris esoteric

    I can’t stop staring at it. Why can’t I stop staring at it?

  10. arshad arshad

    to boldly wear what no one dare to

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