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  1. J. J.

    this is a worthwhile subject.

  2. I think to experiment, we should educate death row inmates on the finer points of robotic engineering, and have them design robots that they think will be used to deliver death upon their fellow d-row inmates. Then, when they are finished building the machines- we take them to their private death chamber and unleash their own AI Assassins upon them.

    I mean, they’re going to die anyway, right? Might as well make it cool as shit!

    As for on the battlefield- wouldn’t a 2 army war, where both have these technologies, simply lead to who can write the biggest cheque? Unfortunately, these would be used against real people. It reminds me of Roger Waters when he wrote about the bravery of being out of range.

    I mean isn’t the point of war killing other people?! You go to war because you are so pissed off that you want to murder other people. Otherwise, you are defending yourself and the only way to make them stop is to kill enough of them that it’s no longer worth their fighting for what you’ve got. Robots killing robots just seems like a waste of money. But, can Craig Charles host?!

  3. E.L.Thomas E.L.Thomas

    This is it, the first step in our long awaited down fall , repent now cocksuckers for the blood of the lamb is going to be poured over you….

    This story is silly, I’ll start worrying when they have cray super servers with fully articulated scrotums and 13″ ray gun dorks!

  4. eric eric

    I vote “no.” No flying automated death machines, please and thank you.

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