On Whitechapel This Weekend (1aug09)

August 2nd, 2009 | brainjuice, comics talk

Proper reboot starts on Monday, but if you want to kill some time this weekend:

* The IGNITION CITY #4 Talk Thread – please tell me you bought a copy. I need to buy whisky food.

* Wizard World Chicago 2009 – next weekend. Comics artist Tony Moore wants to know if you’re going. So do Avatar Press.

* A Proper Comic

* Oddcult TV: Some views from the British occult and pagan scene – "…video interviews of people on the British occult and pagan scene. The idea was that they do a piece straight to camera, about something they’re either responsible for or interested in. One shot, no cuts (except for when they go ’oh fuck, er… can we do that bit again?)…" Brilliant stuff.

One Response to “On Whitechapel This Weekend (1aug09)”

  1. Enjoyed the whole series. Look forward to your next story arch. Keep it coming the writing and artwork where a great match. Plus the pogo plane sucked me right in.