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  1. What will happen to size as a backlash?

  2. I also liked the part where a child’s whimsy and hug stuck with him for twenty years.

    You magnificent bastard, stop making me empathize with fictional characters.

  3. Roman Roman

    The image taken out of context would seem to imply that the sex toy industry took a very kinky turn somewhere in the history of the Ignition City universe.

  4. This is why comics are awesome.

  5. Ok, so even with you semi-spoiling that line for us earlier, I still loved this issue, and I’m going to be sad to see the series go :(

  6. Goddammit. This now competes with The Five Fists of Science Mark-Twain-pointing-at-Tesla-in-giant-robot-fighting-giant-monster-in-city-yelling-SCIENCE! panel as most awesome panel EVER.

  7. Do you know how many R&D labs are going to put that up on their walls now? I’d bet it’s all over Apple R&D already. Thus progresses your takeover of Planet Earth. Remember me kindly, if you remember me at all.

  8. NullApostle NullApostle

    I’m really liking Doc Vukovic.
    Would be awesome to get some kind of prequel series detailing their “golden age” before space was outlawed.

  9. NullApostle NullApostle

    I’m really liking Doc Vukovic.
    It would be awesome to get a prequel series detailing their “golden age” before space was outlawed.

  10. Matt K Matt K

    Since you said “please” up above, I feel I ought to say, somehow, that I bought this (and the three previous issues). (I don’t have a Whitechapel account. I don’t have that much to say.)

    This issue did its job. Honestly, a lot of it felt like simply a bridge from “Mary under fire from gunmen” and “the showdown” in the final issue. But the bits with Bronco, and Lightning’s henchmen (nicely elevated from thugs to human beings) added a lot.

    Also I loved what’s-his-name walking around with a shredded arm, trying to explain to people “I’m not joking, this really hurts!” Fine stuff.

  11. So when does the t-shirt come out?

  12. Aaron Griffin Aaron Griffin

    Context? This looks straight out of Warehouse 13, but I wasn’t aware the was a comic

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