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REMAKE/REMODEL: Gorilla With A Human Brain

Every week, I dig out an ancient character for the arty types at my message board to fuck around with. This week, I gave them a classic from 1941:

Jack Castle was both a drunk and assistant to a mad scientist. He is knocked unconscious by the mad doctor, so Castle would not reveal the nature of the doctor’s experiments to Elsa, the doctor’s niece. Castle’s brain is removed and then placed into the body of a gorilla. When he awakens from his operation, he seeks revenge. First, he kills the mad doctor, and then goes after his assistants hoping to be cured of his affliction.

This character was in fact called GORILLA WITH A HUMAN BRAIN.

And they just got started. Click the link to see more, and follow them through the week as more people join in. It’s open to all.




Ken Miller.

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