Station Ident: Balls

July 28th, 2009 | people I know, photography

It’s way too early, got woken by the post. Off to the pub in a bit. Good morning — and it’s actually still morning here. This is Warren Ellis Dot Com.


(Lenora Claire shot by Nicolle Clemetson)

8 Responses to “Station Ident: Balls”

  1. Yes, much too early.

  2. Oh Lenora… So fabulous! :)

  3. Lenora is simply amazing!!! We can’t wait to get her up to our kinky clinic and shoot with her!


  4. Glad you like the shot! :)

    p.s. it’s Nicolle and not Nicollo (although that would be rad as well!)

  5. WOW! This is stunning and very unique :)

    Beautiful work Lenora ! ;)

    Who is your usual photographer other than this shot ? I live in Las Vegas and I am looking for more of a permanent one for myself.

    Thanks so much

  6. Oops. Early morning typo, sorry.

  7. Hooray! Thank you Warren and Nicolle of course.
    @ Heather- I have worked with dozens of photographers but Austin Young and I have a really special friendship and working relationship. I don’t know anyone out in Vegas.
    @Sebastian- Um thanks but what clinic are you talking about?

  8. Stunning & …”inspiring” :]