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Brew Dog Get Free Publicity – From The BBC

Brew a beer that is ten quid a bottle and 18.2%, stand back and let screaming idiots do all the PR for you:

"It is utterly irresponsible to bring out a beer which is so strong at a time when Scotland is facing unprecedented levels of alcohol-related health and social harm. Just one bottle of this beer contains six units of alcohol – twice the recommended daily limit."


Brew Dog. For clever humans.

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  1. Mithras Mithras

    Is that still even legally a beer at that point?

    But now I’ve got to find some of this… the strongest one I’ve had before is 10.5% ABV.

  2. Faux Faux

    I heard an interview with these guys on a brewing podcast from The Brewing Network just yesterday. They make some good points. This is just the MPs looking for something to complain about. If the ABV was really an issue then for less than the cost of that beer someone could spend less money and get really pissed on hard booze.
    The price point on this beer isn’t targeted for those looking to get sloshed. It is for those who understand beer and brewing. Most of the batch they have brewed won’t even be sold in the UK. It will be sold in the US where there are plenty of home brewers like myself that really want to sample that and compare it to other high gravity brews like Samichlaus.
    This same brewery also produces some very low ABV beers. Like a 3.5% pale ale.

    re: Mithras, yes it is still beer at that point. It is made with barly, hops, water and yeast. They aren’t distilling it or doing anything else to cause it to be anything other than beer.

  3. Mithras Mithras

    re: Faux,

    I had to ask; anything I’ve seen (and I easily admit I haven’t seen them all) above… what, about 12% gets labeled “barley wine”.

  4. Philelzebub Philelzebub

    Going back to Zeitgeist; when I ordered my stock last week the Brew Dog guys were limiting it to 24 bottles per customer… there’s nothing about it on their site but I was notified about 2 hours after the order went through so I got a refund… oh, and the discount code has now slipped back down to 50% off… still good stuff!

  5. Filthy American import laws makes anything from Europe so prohibitively costly to import, that all of my favorite ciders and rolling tobaccos and whatnot have simply disappeared.

    Am thinking about starting a smuggling ring of well-heeled overindulgers from desert southwest nomad tribes…

  6. Faux Faux

    Re: Mithras
    Barely wine is a style not a designation. You can have 8% barely wines.
    Check the wiki for more info.

  7. While I’m sure the beers are good and all, what about some cider recommendations? I came across Strongbow a couple of years back and so far it’s the best cider I’ve come across.

  8. Dogfishead does, i believe, an 18% ipa that will knock your socks off. Beer is awesome.

  9. Illessa Illessa

    “The notion of binge-drinking is to get drunk quick, so surely this beer will help people on their way?”

    I love the idea of starting a bender with a £10 per 330ml, 18.2% *stout*. Especially a Brewdog stout; the ones I’ve tried have been some of the smokiest I’ve ever had, really challenging. I had their raspberry stout yesterday actually, it lasted me most of the night, and I had no inclination to drink anything else afterwards, and it wasn’t half as strong as Tokyo*.

  10. Frank Frank

    Didnt think we’d get these here but google tells me it’s coming out in New Zealand August 1st. I can’t wait. Thanks Internet Jesus.

  11. Sean Sean

    To be honest I can’t see it ruining too many lives at £10 a throw…

    Here’s a tip for an instant hangover that comes in /well/ under a tenner: a pint of Ringwood Beers’ ‘Old Thumper’ (the clue’s in the name!) and Barley Wine – it makes Snakebite look more like Wormnibble!

  12. Mike Mike

    Who is distributing this in the U.S.? I have a bottle of the Hardcore IPA in my fridge, and no idea where I got it.

  13. Haven’t had a chance to try this year’s Tokyo but last year’s was easily the best BrewDog there was – in fact it was the best damn beer in total – closely followed by their £25 a bottle strawberry beer. And yeah, Government attacking this shit is kinda missing the point.

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