18 Responses to “Oh, Terrific. They Know I’m Going To San Diego”

  1. They already HAVE fucking legs, Warren. Those long squidgy things.

    You’re pretty much just doomed.

  2. shit, now i have to worry about crabs AND squids

  3. Ellis, grow up and accept the fact that these are your people. There was something on YouTube where you could totally see how one of those squids choked itself to death on issue three of Lazarus Churchyard.

  4. They don’t need legs. They hover.

    If you make friends with one, they’ll happily open jars for you with their powerful sucker-covered squidgy things.

    Which have other uses, if you can find a squid who is into that sort of thing.

  5. Nah, once they hit the beach the Chinese will pick them apart in seconds flat. It’ll be a massacre, woks and shrimp sauce everywhere.

  6. Warren –

    They’ll get you before you even land…


  7. Yep, them giant squids is good eatin’!

  8. You know down in Mexico they call it el rojo diablo, right?

    At least fifteen Mexican fishermen are devoured EVERY MONTH by the deadly Humboldt squid. They especially prize the flavor of cigarettes and Red Bull.

  9. I just assumed that story was viral advertising for an Adult Swim panel at the Comic Con.

  10. I’m so glad I live in a desert. They;kk dry out before they reach me.

  11. Yes! Evolve my pretties!

  12. Uh-oh… squid flu…

  13. There’s also a vaguely-biological blobby ooze/goo type of thing off the coast of Akaska these days. Why not enjoy a West Coast 2009 Tour of Death?

  14. It’s not the squid that you need to worry about warren it’s whatever’s behind them chasing them to San Diego

  15. Ooh, those are nasty. They don’t have suckers on them tentacles, instead, they’ve got hooks that twist when they embed in the flesh of prey.

  16. don’t forget how close the convention center is to the water…

    *evil laughter*

  17. What are you worried about, any squids that make it into the convention center will get swarmed by flunkies from Avatar screaming, “NO HANDSHAKES!!!

  18. I really don’t know whether to make a Lovecraft reference or a Squidbillies reference.