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COILHOUSE #3: Here It Is

And the ladies of COILHOUSE provide a full tour of the contents, even.

I’m delighted to see the marvellous Jess Nevins in there:


And Xeni:


And there’s an interview with Ron Moore that I’m interested in, and what looks like an excellent photo essay about Kowloon, and, hell, go and look, just a shitload of stuff, buy a copy and leave me alone…

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  1. thirsten thirsten

    Is there any way to buy this magazine in person? Like in a store and not online?

  2. Celan Celan

    As a SF Bay Area resident, was great to see an interview with Nils Frykdahl from Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, a band that seems to share many cultural/aesthetic roots with the Coilhouse mavens. Nils is an incredible artist/peformer/musician and a very affable guy to boot.

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