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THE WIRE, #306

I wrote the back-page "Epiphanies" essay for this issue of the fine music magazine, out this week:

Graphic novelist Warren Ellis on musical communion with a sense of place with Sigur Rós and Julian Cope

It’s really kind of nice to be asked to write something for a magazine you’ve been reading for years. Especially when it’s a music magazine and you’re no kind of music journalist.


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  1. Fantastic! I’ll have to pick that up sometime. You may not do music, but you certainly know culture and do cultural commentary. Isn’t that what so much of music is really about?

  2. After your last Do Anything, I think you can certainly hold your own writing about music. I wouldn’t mind hearing your insights into other non-comics related subjects, such as comfortable shoes, antiques, and dangerous pets (just to name a few).

  3. and in the same issue as Uncle Sleazy and Diana Rogerson too.

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