Your July PLANETARY #27 Update

I’ve now seen the complete lettered book. I’m told it’s scheduled for release in October.

I’ve mentioned that there’s extra pages in this one, right? It’s a longer-than-normal episode?

19 thoughts on “Your July PLANETARY #27 Update”

  1. You know I told myself in ’99 that once this series was done I’d quit the comic habit . . . . As you can see I’ve been reading them a bit longer then i expected. .

  2. A better end to a shit, no-job finding week after finishing 5 years in school and receiving an MA in History.Great news. Just re-reading Planetary #21-Death Telemetry Machine. Favorite issue, and that was a tough call. October is a bit of a wait to see what the “last secret to take from the soil of the 20th century” is, but I’ve got some ideas. Looking forward to it-thanks Ellis

  3. thank you for not dying before finishing this story. one of my greatest fears circa 2002 was that either you, cassaday, or i would die before the completion of planetary. how’s that for consumer devotion? best comic ever, man.

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