I recently took delivery of another crate of beer from the magnificent Brew Dog. This beer is called Zeitgeist, and it’s a black lager. I think the womb creatures I live with are going to finish the crate before I get anymore: its handfuls of berries, malt and hops have been greeted with unanimous praise at Ellis Castle, and one of them proclaimed it their new favourite. I frankly love it, and have a bottle open right now.

BUT! yesterday I got an email from Brew Dog themselves, and in the interests of saving me a fuckload of typing, I present it below. Short version: they’ve given me a discount code to give to you. I will help you get excellent beer at a stupidly cheap price. Because I love you. And also: they want you to blog with them.

…we have recently set up a new brand and website called Zeitgeist. The military line up of characters in sheep masks was designed by a local student.

Our zeitgeist website is now up and running.

There is a very unusual hook behind the Zeitgeist website. The blog will not be updated by us, but by the customer!

We want to give up ownership of the blog, website and brand to the people who drink the beer. The idea is to create a whole alternative community online on the Zeitgeist site. People can blog on about anything: beer, art, film, culture. They can upload movies, pictures and say anything they want. The idea would be that the discussion has an alternative vibe which ties in with the non-conforming message of the beer. This is a brand controlled by the people not a brand which controls them.

All someone has to do to be able to blog is to buy some beer from our online shop.

The idea of having an open blog, updated by the consumer is a new and radical approach and is going to need a bit of a push to get the awareness going on it. This is where you can maybe help a little!

I have a 70% discount code – SHEEP – all set up for you to give to your readers on your website so not only do they get some great black lager at an unbelievable price but they also get to be one of the first people to update the Zeitgeist blog!

Basically: go to the site, order a shitload of fantastic beer for pennies, join an insane groupblog of very clever drunks. Who loses? No-one. Except maybe the rest of the world.


37 thoughts on “BREW DOG: Zeitgeist (PLUS CHEAPNESS)”

  1. Sounds like a great beer. I don’t know if shipping it to the South Eastern US would be a great plan though. This is something I should ask them probably, but anybody know if shipping beer to the armpit of the South would end up with some seriously screwed beer or not?

  2. Loving the idea, def liking the discount code. But I find it hard to accept paying more for the delivery than for the actual beer, even before discount

  3. I started following you on Twitter a few weeks back (Galaxy_Dallas) and love seeing what’s on your mind. I forwarded today’s post to a friend of mine who is an old cowboy from Colorado who loves his beer. And not the liquor store kind. He moved to Iowa at the beginning of the year and now calls me regularly to tell me of the great beers that you can get in Iowa. So, when I saw this post, I knew I had to send it. Then I saw the coupon code. Sheep. You see, my friend attended Colorado State University and Dave’s favorite thing to yell is “Go Sheep!” Again, thank you for the zen moment of mine and his day!

  4. I have bought beer. 12 to be precise. Discount only seems to be 50%, I wonder if it has been adjusted due to the high take-on of the offer…

  5. holey moley… 24 bottles plus delivery for £20… either I’ll lose the next day or so of my life or they’ll make a good birthday pressie for my best buddie… hmm…

    Mr.Ellis, you give us too much… Could we work on promo codes for ciggies, next?

    (@philipalanoneal – yeah, I only get 50% too…)

  6. Yikes, 60 pounds for shipping to the states? I’m all for great beer, but for that price I can get a shitload of domestically microbrewed beer. I’ll make a note to get some if I’m ever in the UK.

  7. Odd. I entered “SHEEP” twice and it changed from 50% to 70% off.

    Anyway, £14 for 24 bottles is a pretty fantastic deal. Thank you for sharing, Mr Ellis.

  8. Dammit Ellis… it sounds amazing, but as noted above, we in the US are at a bit of a disadvantage. Next time put in a disclaimer before I get all watery in the mouth and a quiver in the liver. Bastard.

  9. Thanks Warren, great deal on a lovely sounding beer, too much to ship it to my house in France, which is a shame, so i sent it to London to lessen the pain of work, when I’m there. Now I have something to look forward to. I can imagine they’ve been inundated after this. Hope they have the ability to ship to thousands of raging alcoholics.

  10. Many thanks to you Mr Ellis and Brew Dog, nice to see the Brew Dog boys doing well.
    (Cracks open bottle of Punk IPA in celebration and anticipation of delivery)

  11. If I manage to find the right code, this should be clickable and point to an article about what that beer tases like, also a comparison of bottle size. Most Czech beer will come in half litre bottles so I bet that’s a 33.

  12. John, the rather excellent black lager – which tastes completely different chilled – comes in a 330ml bottle.
    I hope you all buy lots of this so that when they bring back their Tokyo beer you are all skint.

  13. Me am sad. ‘Tis against law to ship alcohol through the post in Tennessee. Hmm, I wonder if I’ve got any relatives who could get it shipped to them.

  14. I believe the popular phrase is “woot!”

    The offer is now back at 70% discount! Just ordered 48 bottles. Including delivery it works out at just over £20! That’s about 44.5p a bottle!!

    If only Grant’s would give us a code for Monkey Shoulder…

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