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  1. I can get down on rocket porn month, but I have fears of pubic scorching.

  2. A recent American study suggested that the most conservative communities are the ones where porn consumption is highest. Is this, then, an indication that you are starved for hot rocket action? ;)

  3. I felt like it was over all too quickly…

  4. “You are now leaving Earth, please come back soon!”

  5. Devilroot Devilroot

    Rule #34.

  6. BBC Four has been the playboyTV of rocket porn for the last week. I even found myself looking forward to a programme with James May, that wasn’t called “Come see James May eviscerated by blunt spoons Variety hour”

  7. One of my proudest moments was being able to shake hands with Col. Buzz Aldrin (back in 1995). Politics be damned, I like space.

  8. Zip Durango Zip Durango

    I got this hollow, desolate feeling at the idea of moving that quickly. The scale of it, the sheer idea of what you’re moving away from and towards is terrifying.

  9. i’ve seen the sequel to this one, it’s called MARTIAN BUKKAKE.

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