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Sam Russo

New music from the guy described as "punk folk" by Me being far gassier, I said of his stuff: "Just him and a guitar – an angrier, wittier Billy Bragg is one way to approximate his style, though that’s far from exact, and he’s a lot more original than that."

The four new ones are on the top of the player. If you haven’t heard Sam before, check out "The Dirty 13" lower down afterwards, it’s my favourite of his older stuff.

Sam Russo, ladies and gentlemen.

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  1. An angrier, witter billy bragg? Wow. Are we talking angrier than “Don’t try this at home” billy bragg? or the earlier stuff?

  2. Sam Russo Sam Russo

    As angry as breakfast in hell.

  3. If you like Sam Russo, do you also like Frank Turner?

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