Zoetica Ebb At Etsy

July 11th, 2009 | people I know

BioRequiem Etsy: selected oil paintings and prints. Many of you will have seen her line art in COILHOUSE. As Zo-bot itself says, once these are gone, they’re gone forever. And since she’s doing more and more gallery shows, you’re unlikely to see them this cheap again.



5 Responses to “Zoetica Ebb At Etsy”

  1. It can’t just be my dirty mind seeing this. Surely it must be the sole reason this photograph even exists.

  2. The dog’s stomach makes it look like she has a penis.

  3. SO? So what if my chihuahua and I share a special relationship?

  4. Now I’m seeing chihuahua penis futa inside my head… And here I was having such a nice day. God damn you Internet, god damn you.

  5. That is a serious bellyshaft.