17 thoughts on “CAPTAIN SWING On G4’s Attack Of The Show”

  1. G4 getting something wrong about gaming, comics, anything geeky in a pop culture related posting??? G4 reporting on this new steampunk/serial killer comic, but it not actually being both of those obviously says, like usual, that they would rather look at the pictures than read the damn thing, or do any kind of research before opening their mouths. G4 needs to learn to shut the hell up, and just play more reruns of cheaters and cops, and stop trying to be a gaming geek mecca for the socially challenged.

  2. Sure, Springheel Jack has inexplicably become a serial killer, but at least she didn’t refer to him as “an Ellis homage to a character created by Charlie Stross.” Though that sort of mistake would probably be above her pay grade.

  3. @Bryan: Agreed! Personally I find the black and white artwork strong enough to stand on it’s own (at least from what little I have seen). We don’t need no steeenking colours here…

  4. @Barry Hall – He already implied it would be a stupid thing to say. MSD was saying that the bit in quotation marks would be something that G4 could likely say, as they are already referring to him as a “serial killer”.

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