Si Spurrier’s SHORT AND CURLIES #1

At bleedingcool:

The next movie I write will be Jurassic Park 4: ADAMZOIC, in which a group of committed Creationists sneak onto a dinosaur-infested Island in an attempt to prove that humans and slavering proto-avian carnivores can live in harmony, as in Eden. The film will be 3 hours long; will feature multiple variations on the theme of Cute Naked People being disembowelled while trying to sing hymns; will include at least one incidence of punning, based on the words “pray” and “prey”; and will end when the sole survivor realises the error of her ways, embraces the Power Of Darwin, and spontaneously evolves a set of wings to escape.

Then gets shot down by Jeff Goldblum: Avenger Of Maths.

7 thoughts on “Si Spurrier’s SHORT AND CURLIES #1”

  1. Please say it’ll have Samuel L. Jackson show up and deliver his “Pulp Fiction” bible verse/threat at some point to the Creationists, which could also be a paradox if he encountered the head of the character he played in the first movie hanging from a tree limb or rolling around on the jungle floor. But of course, you wouldn’t want the film to devolve into stupidity, right?

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