No “In Russia Newspaper Reads You” Comments, Thanks

July 8th, 2009 | researchmaterial

According to English Russia, a store has started running a local newspaper on its shopping bags. Which is, I suppose, one way to sidestep the whole "newsprint is dying" thing.


7 Responses to “No “In Russia Newspaper Reads You” Comments, Thanks”

  1. So they’re printing a dying format on a soon to be illegal product…interesting tactic.

  2. But isn’t consumerism dead too?

  3. Next: Magazine cereal boxes.

  4. in russia, news can suffocate you while practicing weird sex games. da?

  5. Loved the advert for ‘Taty’. How this product is best represented by showing a picture frame over someones arse, is beyond me. But fun none the less.

  6. Reminds me of “The Inner Sleeve” a newsletter some label (don’t remember who) used to print on the inner sleeve of their records.

  7. […] newspaper printed on a shopping bag is an interesting experiment, but did it have to be on a plastic shopping bag? I don’t think […]