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Night Music: Wipe

The shortest and most accessible piece of Philip Jeck I have immediately to hand in mp3 form. As I’ve said before, I didn’t really “get” Philip Jeck until I saw him perform live, but you’re very probably much less stupid than I am. Philip Jeck makes fine night music. Although it’s probably not wise to listen to a great deal of his work in the dark in a Finnish hotel room in the middle of the night while exhausted and slightly drunk.

This is “Wipe,” from his album “7.”

Good night internet.


(link degrades after seven days, provided for review purposes only, contact me if you need it gone and it’ll be removed immediately)

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  1. Excellent stuff, thanks for posting!

  2. Sevans Sevans

    “Dark, Quiet, Alcohol. It is night.”

    Very cool music.

  3. Skiriki Skiriki

    Whaddaya mean, that’s the best place listen to that kind of music, especially if accompanied by couple of half-drunk Finns alternating between baseline gloomy and jovial. :D

  4. JW JW

    Pretty good stuff. Thanks for the tip.

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