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On Whitechapel Tonight (29jun09)

Currently occurring in the depths of my internet knocking-shop:

* Post your Dr. Sketchy’s Artwork – The boss herself, Molly Crabapple, comperes a thread where Dr Sketchy’s visitors and customers show off their work. Join in.

* REMAKE/REMODEL: International Patents, Inc. – the weekly space where I call out some ancient character from the public domain and have artists reinvent it for the 21st Century.

* The LongBox Digital Comics thread – this one’s going on and on. Will Longbox be the iTunes for comics? Will Longbox kill the comics shop?

* Whitechapel UK Midlands Meetup – where they will all huddle in some shitty pub and mutter together in their funny accents

Monthly reboot in a couple of days’ time.

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